Stop Shin Splint Forever

Whether you are an athlete, a dancer, a military recruit, or simply engaging in physical activity for the first time in a while, shin splints can negatively affect your body’s health within a matter of minutes. They can happen to practically anyone that engages in prolonged physical activity, and they are tricky to temporary cure, let along permanently cure.

Because of that, you may feel extremely discouraged when you’re in severe pain from splints. But there are other ways that can help you prevent and try to cure them permanently. Given that, you’re recommended to check out Stop Shin Splints Forever. It’s a comprehensive e-book that you can buy, and it contains the ultimate guide to curing your chin splints forever. Here is some information regarding splints in general as well as information about Bushenic’s e-book on how to stop shin splints.

What are shin splints?

Splints are classified as pain that is located in the shin and the lower leg typically because of prolonged running or extensive physical activity taking place on hard surface. Also known as medial tibial stress syndrome, splints usually occur as a result of overworked muscles, tendons, connective tissues, and bone tissue.

How do you get them?

Splints are generally caused by stress on the shinbone as well as the connective tissues that are responsible for attaching the muscles to your bone tissues. They are most commonly caused by repetitive stress on your shinbone, but there are also other causes that may possibly contribute to your body experiencing splints.

More specifically, splints can also occur because of flat feet or overpronation, which also involves the impact of the ground when you step on it. Splints usually occur in this way when the arch of your foot collapses and causes pain for your shinbone. Additionally, splints may also occur when you engage in physical activity while wearing shoes that don’t fit properly or ones that aren’t capable of providing enough support for your feet.

Not only that, but splints can occur if you engage in a fitness workout before you warm up or you cool down after the workout. Lastly, you may also experience splints if you have weak ankles, hips, or other muscles in your body and you participate in a workout regimen that is too intense for your body (1).


Most people are aware that they have shin splits because of pain that they are experiencing in their shins (2). But you may also have splints if you have these other symptoms, including:

  • Decreased blood flow to your lower leg
  • Nerve problems in your lower back
  • Stress fractures
  • Effort-induced venous thrombosis
  • Muscle hernia
  • Swelling of muscles that cause nerve compression

Disadvantages of having them

When many people have splints, they simply choose to treat them with methods that are temporary in order to get rid of the pain that they feel temporarily. This may be beneficial if you don’t engage in physical activity very often. But it can be problematic if you’re a professional athlete, or even if you simply engage in fitness workouts everyday.

When you are constantly engaging in physical activity and experiencing splints all the time without treating them, they can later develop into further problems. Not only that, but if you work your muscles, tendons, and bone tissues around your shinbone too intensely, then these problems can potentially turn into more severe problems. Aside from that, the splints also prevent you from being able to engage in any physical activity at all, so that can negatively affect your physical life.


After you experience splints, there are temporary treatments that you can do in order to reduce the amount of pain and swelling that your body experiences (3). These treatments include:

  • Resting your body: rest your legs because they need time to heal
  • Ice your shins: ice reduces pain and swelling, so place ice on them for 20-30 minutes everyday
  • Put insoles in your shoes: shoe inserts can be custom-made in order to help your arches not collapse or flatten when you stand on your feet
  • Pain killers: taking anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin can help ease the pain or swelling that you may feel
  • Physical therapy: interacting with a physical therapist may also be helpful if you experience splints constantly, since they’re trained to deal with problems like those

Stop Shin Splints Forever

This e-book is a step-by-step guide that was created by Gary Buchenic that is capable of providing you with effective treatments on how to eliminate splints from your life permanently. It’s written from the perspective of a former splint sufferer, so you can critically engage with the reader, rather than simply be informed from the detached perspective of a physician, doctor, or other medical professional.

More specifically, this e-book is responsible for giving you a treatment for splints that is scientifically proven to be effective. Gary Buchenic gives his personal perspective on treatment for shin splints, and he gives you insight on how to stop shin splints in just three days.

The Author

Gary Bushenic, a personal trainer and author of the e-book, has suffered from splint pain for almost 10 years. He personally has went through multiple treatments for splints, and each of them were only able to improve his pain for a few days until the training session. Every time he went back for a training session, Bushenic experienced the same severe pain from splints again.

Not only did his constant pain from splints affect his choice to find a cure, but one severely bad experience forced him to search for a permanent solution for splints. More specifically, he was running one afternoon in a park, and all of a sudden fell to the ground in pain in his shins. His pain was so bad that he couldn’t even walk back to his car and had to receive help from other runners around him in order to be able to move at all.

In order to find the best treatment for splints, Bushenic studied physiology, anatomy, and biochemics, and he also spent time communicating with podiatrists, personal trainers, coaches, and psychotherapists. After gathering research in addition to his own personal experiences, Bushenic created this book for people like you to engage with and to be informed by.

3 Simple Steps

After practically three years of researching and experimenting, Bushenic developed a total of three simple steps that anyone can follow in order to remove shin splint pain from their lives forever.

1. Know that pain is your body communicating that something is wrong

In order to first remove splints from your life forever, Bushenic claims that you must begin by understanding that pain is your body simply communicating that it’s in trouble and it’s not functioning properly. Pain is not your enemy, it’s simply for you to listen to change something in your body.

You must understand your body’s message and listen to what it’s telling you about your body. For splints specifically, Brushenic claims that pain is typically caused by the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are located around your shin bone start to tear away from your bone.

2. Figure out what is causing the pain in your shins

After you understand what specifically is causing you to feel the pain of splints, you need to find out what is causing that pain. When it comes to splints, Bushenic claims that there are usually three underlying causes, including excessive pronation, weak calf muscles, or poor biomechanics or a poor running technique.

Splints are always caused by at least one of these problems, and they can even be caused by more than one of these problems. When splints go untreated, there will always be a chance that they will come back again. Because of this, it is extremely important that you find out which underlying cause it is that is creating the pain from your splints.

3. Treat the specific problem that’s causing your pain

After you listen to your pain and figure out what is causing the pain in your shins, all that is left for you to do is to treat the splints according to what is causing them. In “Stop Shin Splints Forever,” Bushenic gives each underlying cause its own specific treatment plan that you can follow in order to find permanent relief from them.

Does it work?

Following this program as well as the step-by-step guide included, Bushenic was able to make his splints completely disappear, and he hasn’t experience pain in his shins at all. He listened to what his body was telling him, and he acted accordingly. Because of his attention to what his body was communicating with him as well as the knowledge that he had of which treatments would work best for the specific thing that was causing his splints, Bushenic has not had to experience splints in five years now.

What about other people?

Even though the treatment plans included in this book were able to help Bushenic eliminate his pain in his shins from splints specifically, you may wonder whether the treatments included will help you, or even other people with the pain that they feel. But there are many other reviewers and previous buyers of the product that have spoken up about their results, including these people:

Jerry Louis from Melbourne, Australia was able to go back to his regular training for the Melbourne Marathon in just two weeks after he had severe pain shin from splints.

Helena Nicolau from Adelaide, Australia is back to being the first choice striker after not even being able to train with her team because of her splints.

Andy Grey from London, United Kingdom suffered from splints throughout his entire adult life, and completely removed then from his life after only three weeks.

What is included?

When you purchase this product, it comes with an e-book that you can download for your convenience. In addition to that, you will also receive information regarding shin splint treatment methods to use, unique techniques to eliminate them as well as a step-by-step cure.

Additionally, you will also learn a variety of different things when you review this e-book, such as:

  • The most important secret behind long-term relief of pain from splints
  • A proven 3-step method
  • The simple method to provide relief in just 15 minutes
  • Why conventional methods aren’t effective
  • Secrets about pain killers
  • The secret shin splint treatment from Jerry Lindgren
  • 5 mistakes that you should always avoid
  • How to prevent recurrence
  • The easiest treatment for immediate relief

How can you purchase?

You can purchase the downloadable e-book from Clickbank and immediately receive the book in a PDF format. After you purchase the e-book, you will be re-directed to a page where you can then download the book and view the it from your computer in a PDF format. From there, you can then either read the book from your computer screen or you even have the option to print it out and read it on paper for yourself if you prefer it that way.

Most people actually prefer to print the document out so that they can carry the book wherever they want with them without having to carry around an electronic device to read it off of.

The e-book is only $27.00 when you purchase the basic version of it, and it also comes with three bonus reports in addition to free life updates for an additional $10.00. Not only that, but if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, Bushenic will provide you with a 100% refund within 60 days of your purchase. In addition to that, there are also five free bonuses included that will help with your overall fitness journey, including the following:

How to Pick the Perfect Shoe

This book is focused on giving you information on the most suitable shoe for your foot type, your specific sport that you engage in as well as your specific type of running style. This can help you with your pain because they can prevent splints from occurring altogether.

Ultimate Guide to Sports Nutrition

This book includes advice from different types of professional athletes on what they eat specifically, and they even give information on how they turn the food that they consume into energy and power. When you eat the right food, you can decrease the recovery time required by your muscles after your workouts, improve your mental awareness, and it can increase the amount of energy that you have to perform in sports.

Lessons from Miracle Doctors

There are over 180 pages containing information regarding strategies that doctors claim are vital for your body in order to stay healthy. This book is not only comprehensive and contains a large amount of important information, but it’s also easy to read and follow along with.

Free Lifetime Updates

Not only do you receive three bonus books when you purchase Bushenic’s e-book, but you will also receive free life updates with your purchase as well. Since there are always new and improving results for medical research, having this feature can be very beneficial for you.

Free Online Support

You will also receive free unlimited support that you can access online, which is beneficial because you will be able to ask Bushenic questions about his e-book and even about splints in general.

Product Advantages

  • Created from the perspective of someone that has suffered from splints for almost 10 years himself
  • Easy to read and follow the 3-step guide
  • There are countless personal stories and reviews from previous customers about the product
  • You’ll learn more than just how to eliminate the pain from splints
  • Available for only $27
  • Comes with 5 free bonuses that are all related to running and fitness
  • Has a 60-day, no-risk, unconditional 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product

Overall, Brushenic’s e-book provides you with a wide variety of benefits, including the ability to completely eliminate the possibility of you having to every deal with splints every again. This e-book from Brushenic gives you tips, methods, and even individual treatments on how to get rid of splints altogether permanently. Given that, you should check out the product on Clickbank.