Cuddlebed Mattress topper

About the Topper:

The Cuddlebed Sleep Basics Mattress topper will help you rejuvenate your bed. This mattress topper will extend the life on your mattress. This mattress topper can fit any mattress up to the size of 21 inches. This mattress topper comes with a thick cover, which is padded, that will protect the mattress from stains and spills. It is made up of soft cotton fabric, which makes it easier to care for. The mattress is durable and smooth. This mattress topper has a 4 way skirt that stretches, which offers you a secure fit to your bed, no slipping off.

How The Topper Felt:

This mattress topper felt like no other, thanks to its 400 stitches per inch. The mattress has a luxurious smooth feeling when you slide you hand along the fabric. When I placed the topper on top of my old firm mattress, it made my mattress feel brand new. The first night I slept on this material, I felt royal. This is because of the smooth material that is used to create this topper. It is not like the rest of the toppers floating around. This topper is one of a kind.

What made the Topper Unique to Me:

This mattress topper is unique to me because of just how soft and comfortable the topper is. I am able to sleep without tossing and turning all night. I feel at ease the second I sink into my bed. For once, I feel 100 percent comfortable in my own bed. I have tried varies types of toppers to fit my needs, and yet none seemed fitting to me. Thankfully, I found this amazing mattress topper and now I feel as if I am laying on top of clouds. I have never felt such a soft topper! My hard and firm mattress is now soft and delightful. It is not just a mattress pad, it is so fluffy and smooth. The material itself is a breath of fresh air. This Cuddlebed Sleep Basics Mattress Topper made me feel as if I was sleeping on a cloud, no more backache. I was able to get comfortable and stay comfortable. Who would have thought such a topper existed?

Rating on Topper:

When it comes down to rating this topper, I would give it 5 stars! The mattress is nothing like I expected, it was so much more. It offered me so much, thanks to its; thread count, fitting flexibility, and comfort. I have never laid on something so comfortable. I loved that when I rolled over, the cover did not come with me. I have the deepness of the mattress topper to thank for this. I am delighted with the overall quality of the topper, the comfort the topper offers, along with the smooth fabric that brings me ease. No one likes to lay down on a rough topper that has fabric is poking through the sheet. With this topper I did not have to worry about roughness. The only thing I had to worry about was sleeping too long because of the comfort level it offered me. I recommend this topper to all of my family members and all of my friends. No one should have to deal with rough sleeping, they deserve to feel as if they are laying upon a cloud.